House rules of the Fantasy and Role Playing Convention – FaRK (25th to 27th August 2021)

We would like to offer you a peaceful, barrier-free, imaginative, colorful and above all safe FaRK experience again this year. For this, certain rules – we also like to call them “reason and common sense” – are simply necessary.

The house rules serve this and this purpose only – to ensure security and order on the event site, including all venues, premises and associated outdoor facilities.
By entering the event site, the associated outdoor area and the premises, visitors to the FaRK confirm that they have read and accepted these house rules as binding.

The house rules are therefore valid for every person who is on the event site. These, the house rules, can also be viewed at our main entrances during the event before entering. A map on the notice board shows you what belongs to the event site and what doesn’t.

On the event area (and well, everywhere else, actually) everyone has to behave in such a way that no one else is harmed, endangered or – more than it is inevitable in some circumstances – hindered or bothered. Summarized freely according to Kant:

“The freedom of the individual ends where the freedom of the other begins”.

The organizer and the security coordinator are entitled to the house rights on the entire event site. The house rights of the organizer and the security coordinator are implemented by commissioned security and security staff. Their instructions must be followed.

When entering the event site and on the event site itself, for security and order reasons (as with the previous FaRKs), a security check is carried out by our friendly, always understanding, charming and popular security and order service, as required. In the interest of all of our visitors, the security service may check whether persons are, in particular due to alcohol or drug consumption, because they carry dangerous items in the sense of our published “weapon law regulations” or whether they are aggressive, contrary to the peaceful and liberal principle of the FaRK Behavior/ appearance a security risk for other visitors. If a security risk is recognized for the aforementioned reasons, the person may not enter the event site.

If there is an important reason, in particular if visitors on the site pose a security risk due to aggressive, improper and socially inappropriate behavior, carrying prohibited objects within the meaning of the published “weapon regulations”, alcoholization or other intoxications, the organizer and the security coordinator is entitled to refer the person on the event site and to give an order to stay away from the event site.
An ordner to stay away from the site can also be prosecuted.

Note and Acknowledgment: All of this has never been required! Thanks for that! We have complete confidence in you this year that this will never be necessary.

The assessment and the instructions of the organizer, the security coordinator and his assigned forces – ideally (and this is a general recommendation) also the instructions of the police, the fire brigade, the emergency services as well as your wives – must be followed.

Accidents and damage must be reported to the organizer immediately. We just like to know what is happening on our site; we will also help you!

Pro tip: Take care of your children! The event site is well attended and damn spacious. Please keep an eye on your children and keep in mind that the industrial complex of the former Reden mine is indeed a tourist area, free and officially accessible, but it is expressly not a children’s playground. There are water surfaces, stairs, height differences and all sorts of other nasty things. Even if we repeat ourselves: take care of your children. Parents are responsible for their children!

Escape routes and stairs must not be used as seating and must be crossed quickly. The routes for emergency vehicles must be kept clear and made “even more free” if necessary.

Remain on the paths open to visitors. Do not enter areas that are not intended for your access. Entering ramparts, climbing fences, light poles, buildings, electrical boxes, sanitary stations, mobile toilets, garbage cans, garbage containers and other infrastructure facilities on the entire event site is – who would have thought – prohibited.

Do not throw objects

Do not light a fire, do not burn fireworks and other pyrotechnic objects (rockets, Bengali fire, smoke powder, flares, smoke bombs, sparklers, pressure vessels, which are highly flammable, etc.).

Something else, it’s a super new thing: Please do not do your relieve yourselves outside the toilets and help us to leave the event area as we entered it. This says: Do not pollute the event site, especially by throwing away or lying down things or otherwise. Please dispose your garbage in the designated containers or garbage bags.

A final note:

Visitors take note of the fact that images and sound recordings of his/her person can also be taken by the organizer at any time and expressly authorize this by entering the event site. Visitors also authorise that these recordings may be broadcast via broadcaster and/ or used in all media coverage of the event.

Visitors are responsible for their journey to the event and park their car at their own risk. Vehicles may only be parked in approved free parking spaces or parking spaces with a fee); Wild parking, especially stupid and dangerous, is prohibited and is being prosecuted by law enforcement for good reason.
The organiser points out that the areas designated as parking spaces are partly meadows and gravel areas. The navigability of these surfaces can also be difficult/ restricted due to weather conditions. The organiser accepts no liability for the towing of vehicles by third parties. There is no guarding of the vehicles parked in parking lots. Parking vehicles are at your own risk. Police personnel are deployed in some areas to instruct and control access authorisations, not to guard vehicles.

Have fun, be nice to each other.

The Security Coordinator