Costume competition


Competition rules

is done by email to:

The following information is urgently needed:


Artists name:

Costume information (see genre information)

You will receive an email confirmation within a short period of time to ensure that we have received your registration.

As a matter of principle, the house rules of the event as well as the German Arms Act (WaffG) are considered as weapons rules.

Participation is possible at the age of 18 (proof of age required),
at the age of 16 with parents’ consent.

The registration deadline for the costume competitions will be announced.

You have the opportunity to present yourself to the spectators at the catwalk, after which you will go to a jury.

Participation is free of charge

General stage rules:

The stage must not be polluted. (colour, soap, confetti, etc.)
Throwing objects into the audience is not permitted.
Immoral conduct leads to exclusion from competition.
Intimate area and sexual characteristics must be adequately covered.
Live animals are not allowed on stage.
Open fire and pyrotechnics are not allowed.
Those who arrive late without giving reasons will be disqualified.


SciFi & Fantasy (Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica etc., The Dark Eye, GoT, LotR, LARP etc.)
Cosplay (Anime, Manga, Games & Co.)
Steampunk (adventurer, machine man, airship pirate, etc.)
Postapocalyptic genre (Mad Max, 12 Monkeys, Resident Evil, Postman, Waterworld etc.)

The categories Cosplay, SciFi & Fantasy, Steampunk and Postapocalypse start on  xx at _o’clock

Please register 45 minutes before the start of the competition in the „Wassergarten“ (water gardens) at the catwalk.

Costume (anime, manga, film, series, game):

An original image (if possible: full body image) is required for registration, as well as the name of the character and the series/ game/ film.

Own character (LARP, mythology, steampunk, self-invented):

For the registration, a short description of the character (task, race, class, profession, etc.) is required,
which presents the character to the jury.
If a model (drawing or similar) is available, it can also be attached. Its is also required to give the character a full name and a description. (for Example: Ed, the crazy post apocalyptic sniper)